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RF RGBW Receiver

General Specifications

PRODUCT CODE rf-rgbw-receiver-8amp
POWER (W) 288W with 12V RGB
DIMENSIONS 59mm x 170mm x 29mm

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Product Overview

Our RGBW RF Receiver works in conjuction with various remote control options.

  • 8A 4CH 12-36V constant voltage rf receiver
  • Full compatibility with a variety of single color, dual color and RGB/RGBW RF remotes
  • Multiple zones can be controlled separately or synchronously
  • Each receiver can be controlled by 8 different remotes maximally
  • Can be WiFi controlled by APP (Requires WiFi-RF Reciever. Sold Seperately)



Voltage (Input) 12V - 36V
Output 4 Channels, 8A per Channel
Capable Load [12V RGB] 288W (96W per Channel)
Capable Load [12V RGBW]

384W (96W per Channel)

Dimmensions 59mm x 170mm x 29mm

Understanding Zones
The Multi-Zone RF series controllers are capable of doing up to 8 zones. A zone is a single area that will be controlled together. A zone can be multiple receivers. For example, a kitchen may have a zone consisting of an under-cabinet light, a toe-kick light, and a valence light. This could be controlled by up to three receivers (or all wired to one). All of these lights would change together. To be able to change each light individually, each light would have to be its own zone.

*Note: Some controllers (remotes) can only control one zone. Please use the 8-Zone Remote or WiFi App for multi-zone applications.


RF Control Options

Wiring Diagram

RF RGBW Receiver Wiring Diagram