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RF 8 Zone Remote

General Specifications

PRODUCT CODE rf-8zone-remote
POWER (W) 3 x AAA Batteries
DIMENSIONS 43.8 x 131.6 x 24.5 (mm)

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Product Overview

RF 8 Zone remote controller can control up to 8 zones. The color wheel offers precise touch control to adjust color. Independent dimming of each R, G, B, W channel enables the wireless remote to achieve millions of colors. 10 built-in changing patterns are available with 8 level adjustable changing speed. To be used in conjuction with RF Receiver


Zone Control up to 8 Zones
Power 3 x AAA Batteries
RF Signal 434MHz/868MHz
Dimmensions 43.8 x 131.6 x 24.5 (mm)


  • Adjustable changing speed with 8 levels, quickest speed is 10S, slowest speed is 900S
  • Enable to control 8 zones separately. Each zone can be set endless receivers, each receiver maximally be controlled by 8 different remotes
  • Controlling RGBW 4 colors that achieve more selectable colors than traditional RGB control
  • Adjust brightness of each color independently
  • Built-in 10 color changing modes/programs
  • Synchronization function of pattern changes ensure consistent change forever


Understanding Zones
The Multi-Zone RF series controllers are capable of doing up to 8 zones. A zone is a single area that will be controlled together. A zone can be multiple receivers. For example, a kitchen may have a zone consisting of an under-cabinet light, a toe-kick light, and a valence light. This could be controlled by up to three receivers (or all wired to one). All of these lights would change together. To be able to change each light individually, each light would have to be its own zone.

*Note: Some controllers (remotes) can only control one zone. Please use the 8-Zone Remote or WiFi App for multi-zone applications.


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